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                   A Blog For Your Business

                   Fully Set Up Within 72 Hours

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                   No Monthly Hosting Renewals

for your business

                   Your Business Post Composed And Posted On The Blog For You.


You Will Automatically Qualified To Receive :

i. Four Different Flyers

                   To Help Attract People Fast ( To Your Business ) From Social Media Sites.


ii. 50,000 ( Fifty Thousand ) Visitors From :

for your business

Social Media Sites

 ( Some From Ten Facebook Money Making Groups Daily For Seven Days )



Solo Ad Sites

100 Classified Ad Sites

Hundreds Of Blogs Online

Money Making Discussion Forums.


All Visitors Will Be Tracked

Daily STAT Of All Visitors To Your Email

The 50,000 Visitors Will Be Directed To The Blog

Will Be Convinced To Join Your Business From The Blog.


Here Are Some Benefits For Owning A Blog And How It Will Improve Your Business

for your business

The Blog will serve as a Page for Your Personal Business Online. It will serve as Your Presence Online.

   Close to 8 ( Eight ) Billion searches are occurring everyday. Millions out of these searches are on Business or Money Making Opportunities. Millions of People are going over to Google and Other Search Engines Everyday to get more details about Income Opportunities.

Hundreds if not thousands relates to Your Business ( other members of your business are advertising it and most of those that sees the adverts are going to Google and other search engines to get more details, reviews on it – this is what most people that sees business adverts are doing. They first go to Google to get more details,read reviews about it ).

The Blog will get you qualified to be One of the Options the Search Engines will be showing to them ?

The Blog will be Your Online Presence The Search Engines can refer Searchers to

It will allow People to easily locate you for more information about your business

The Blog Will Serve As :

A Page your downlines / referrals can refer those they are trying to convince to get more information about your business and join

A Page where you can explain the business in your own word and where people can always check to get more details about it

A page that will give you fans who will be on ground / ready to join your future businesses

A page you can advertise and get people to all your businesses

A page that will help you get people automatically convinced to join Your Online Businesses

The page that will continue to get sign ups / downlines for your business even when you are not online or working online

A Page where you can post Your Proves of Earnings Payment to show to Visitors that Your Business is Real and Working

Are you advertising your business on other Top Advertising Platforms and are you monitoring your adverts ?

If You are using Solo Ad Marketing Strategy which is one of the most efficient way to promote your opportunity because you will be delivering your offer to Active Member’s Primary Contact Email Address directly and All Subscribers ( Solo Ads Platform Members ) have specifically signed up to receive advertisements related to income making opportunities, products and services and are validated in a double opt-in ( Registration and Email Confirmation or Activation ) method

The Blog will serve as a page you will be directing visitors from the Solo Ad Marketing to and will be able to monitor how the adverts is doing. Which of the Solo Ads Platform Visitors are coming from and the page they visit on your blog.

The Blog will allow you to know which of Your Adverts is attracting people most and the one that is not working at all and needs to be dropped

Will serve as the Page where you can post Your Business Banners and they will be one of the first thing Visitors will see and get attracted to click on

A Page where you can post your business banners with no Limit and Expiring date, monitor their Views / Impressions and Clicks

A page where visitors ( who are looking for more income opportunities ) can submit their emails to be alerted or notified whenever you have new business opportunity they can join and make money from

A page you are in full / total control of and can be used to improve all your business

Will serve as a Page fully owned by You and can be used to make more money online by allowing advertisers to place adverts on it and you will be paid for that.

personal downlines

You really need to get Your Own Page if You want to improve Your Business and Boost Your Income Fast.

You can see all you will be missing for not having your own personal page.

If You Are Ready To Get A Blog For Your Business Today


Automatically Qualified To Receive

Four Different Flyers

50,000 Visitors For Your Business


More Unlimited Visitors From Google And Other Search Engines


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