Do You Need More Sign Ups?

  Do You Need More Sales?

You’ve Just Found The Solution!


We Have Advertising Offer That :

→ Will Expose Your Business To Millions Of People Every Day

→ Will Attract Thousands Of Interested People ( Leads ) To Your Business Every Day

→ Will Get You Thousands Of Sign-Ups ( Downlines ) Every Day

→ Will Generate Thousands Of Customers For Your Business Every Day.


What You Will Get From This Offer Are :

1. A Personal Blog For Your Business

Comes With : 

          → A Dotcom (.com ) Domain

          → One Year Hosting Server

          → One Year Registered & Activated SSL Certificate To Make It Secured.


All These Done For You 

        Full Blog Set Up Within 96 Hours

        Your Business Post Composed For You

        Your Business Post Will Be Posted On The Blog.


Other Benefits From The Blog

→ The Blog Will Be Set Up To Provide The Resources Your Downlines Need To Succeed ( Build Their Own Downlines )

            This will convince More People to sign up for Your Business.

→ It Will Be Set Up To Generate More Money Online For You From Top Advertising Platforms.


2. Thousands Of Traffic / Visitors From Top Advertising Platforms.

 What You Will Get Are : 

               Pro Membership UpgradeFree

               Solo Ads120 Solos

               Banner Ads205,000 Impressions / Views

               Text Link Ads194,500 Impressions / Views

               Featured Banner Ads6,500 Impressions / Views

               Fullpage Surf Ads4,350 Impressions / Views

               Login Ads6 ( 21 Days )

               High Priority Solo Ads10 solos

               Visitors Credits54,000

               Button Ads1,500 Impressions / Views

               Advertising Credits592,000 Credits.


 Here Is More Explanation

Solo Ads 

      Your Business Adverts will be sent to 5,224,629 ( Five Million, Two Hundred & Twenty Four Thousand And Six Hundred & Twenty Nine ) Members 120 Times.


Banner Ads

       Your Business Banners will be displayed to People ( Members & Visitors ), 205,000 Times.


Text Link Ads 

      Text Ads will be used to advertise Your Business and will be displayed to People ( Members & Visitors ), 194,500 Times.


Featured Banner Ads

      Your Business Banner will be Specially Displayed to People 6,500 Times.


FullPage Surf Ads 

      Your Business will be shown to Members who are Surfing / Viewing Adverts in their Member Area, 4,350 Times.


Login Ads 

      Your Business will be the First Page Thousands of Members sees every time they log into their Member Area for 21 Days.

This is one of the Advertising Method that will get people into Your Business fast.


High Priority Solo Ads

      These are Advert Messages specially sent to members by Admin. This will be used for Your Business.


Visitors Credits

      These are credits that will be mainly used to get visitors for Your Blog and Business. One Credit means One Visitor. You are going to get 54,000 Visitors.


Button Ads 

      These are Adverts that are small circular, rectangular, or square advertisement appearing usually at the bottom of a webpage.

Your Business / Blog will be advertised using it and will be shown to Members 1,500 Times.


Advertising Credits

   These are credits ( 592,000 ) you can use to activate Additional Advertising Method for Your Business.

It Can Be Used To Activate More : 

Solo Ads

Banner Ads

Text Link Ads

Featured Banner Ads

FullPage Surf Ads

Login Ads.

All of these Advertising Methods will be used to attract thousands of people to Your Business.


You Should Use This Offer For Your Business Because :

i. The blog will help you to easily advertise All Your Business especially if you have more than One Business.

ii. The blog will help you generate more money online from other platforms.

iii. The blog will contain Advertising Resources Your Downlines can use to succeed and this will help Your Team to grow fast.

 This will also help you get more people convinced to become Your Downlines.

iV. We will compose a Post about each of Your Business that will surely convince people to join it and post it on the blog.

V. We will be helping you attract Thousands of Interested Visitors to the Post every day.

Vi. Nine ( 9 ) Advertising Methods will be used to be attracting Thousands of Interested People to Your Blog / Business Every Day. 

Vii. The blog will give you the opportunity to have visitors join Two or More of Your Business.

Viii. Your Business will be exposed/advertise to over Five million ( 5,224,629 ) members.

iX. The blog comes with One Year Hosting Server. This mean, you will never be paying Monthly for Hosting Renewals.

X. Our Team will be working with You and Your Team and make sure You succeed in Your Business.

Xi. Interested Visitors will be visiting Your Blog / Business every day from Top Nineteen ( 19 ) Advertising Platforms some of which are : 








FastListMailer etc.

Xii. You will get a Tracking Tool that will enable you to track Your Visitors. You will know Number of Visitors, which Advertising Platform they come from, where they go to on Your Blog etc.

Xiii. The blog will be set up for you within 72 Hours

XiV. You will be getting a Professional Blog set up for Your Business for a cheap price ( less than $100 ).


      Advertising is needed if you want to succeed in Your Business. Without Advertising, You can’t get Traffic / Visitors.

If you want to have successful advertising and improve Your Business fast, you need to have a plan that will convince Your Visitors to join Your Business.

The blog you will get from this offer will be set up to do this for You.


If you have a business that requires you to build downlines ( attract new members ), you need to have a plan that will help all those you invited ( Your Downlines ) build their own downlines fast. 

By doing this, Your Team will grow fast. The blog you will get from this offer will give you, all Your Downlines need to build their own downlines. They will have access to Advertising Resources / Platforms they can use to grow in the business.

  This will get a lot of people attracted to Your Business.

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