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Let Us Help You Improve Your Business With More :

                                  New Sign Ups



                                  Customers And Sales

                                  Thousands Of Daily Visitors / Clicks.





Four Different Flyers

             To Help Attract People Fast From Social Media Sites

             You Really Need This For Your Adverts On Facebook & Other Social Sites.


Sample Of Flyers Designed

a blog

a blog


A Personal Blog ( Fully Set Up Within 72 Hours )

             Hosted For You For Free

             No Monthly Hosting Renewals

             Your Business Post Composed For You.


50,000 Visitors From :

a blog

                                   Social Media Sites

( Some From Ten Facebook Business Groups Daily For Seven Days )



                                   Solo Ad Sites

                                   100 Classified Ad Sites

                                   Hundreds Of Blogs Online

                                   Business And Money Making Discussion Forums.


All Visitors Will Be Tracked

Daily STAT Of All Visitors To Your Email

The 50,000 Visitors Will Be Directed To The Blog

Will Be Convinced To Join Your Business From The Blog.


More Details


          We will design Four different Flyers for each of Your Business. We will help you ( You too can )  use the flyers to attract people to them on Facebook and other Social Media Sites.

It is a good move to use Flyers for one’s adverts on Social Media Sites because they will attract the attention of people fast.

We will also get the Flyers for you. You can be using them by yourself on Social Media Sites. Join Groups and Pages. Post the Flyers on them. But you should not rely on Facebook alone. Join others. We will give you more Social Media Sites you can use for more Adverts.



       We will set up a blog for all your business.

With a blog, you will be able to advertise all your business in one place. It will allow you to join as many businesses as you want.

   All you have to do is, join the businesses and post them on your blog. Instead of advertising multiple business links, you will be advertising one link which is your Blog link.

This makes advertising a lot easier and less costly for you. You may be having Two / Five / Ten Businesses. You will post them on the blog and then get people / visitors to the blog.

A blog will allow you to have fans, readers that will always come back to get more details from the blog. This means, you will have people who are on ground / ready to join your future businesses. The blog will make it a lot easier to attract people ( Your Blog Visitors ) to future business you join. What you need to do is post the business on your blog.

A blog will allow you to help your downlines / referrals to fully understand your business. You will be able to explain it in your own word.

They will be able to reach you for support whenever they need it. This will give you an edge over those in the same business who are without a presence or cannot be easily located online.

Your Downlines / Referrals will be able to refer people they are trying to convince to the blog which will get them convinced and refer their own people as well.

The blog will help you monitor your advertising. You will know number of people that are responding to your adverts, where they are coming from, where they visit on your blog. With this, you will be able to know the adverts that is attracting the most people and the one that is not working.

Banners On The Blog

       There is opportunity to use Banners to attract blog visitors to your business post. Banner ads is one of the best way to attract people fast. It is an image and one of the first thing visitors will see the moment they are on the blog.

You can have any number of banners posted and advertised on it.

The Banners Can Be : 

                                      125 X 125 Banners

                                      468 X 60 Banners

                                      250 X 250 Banners

                                      300 X 250 Banners

                                      120 X 600 Banners

                                      160 X 600 Banners

                                      728 X 90 Banners.


They Can Be Placed :

On The Sidebar


 At The Blog Header Area


Inside The Blog Posts


At The Bottom Of The Blog Posts

    Your blog will be set up to track views ( Impressions ) and clicks on the banners.

Build Your Own Subscriber List

We can help you set up the blog to build your own Personal List of Subscribers. These will be people who loves your blog and will want to be alerted ( notified ) whenever there is an update ( New Business Post ) on your blog.

The moment you join a new business and you post it on the blog, a notification or alert message will be sent out to all subscribers.


Having a Blog will give you the opportunity to make more money by allowing advertisers to place adverts on the blog. This is how most Bloggers are making millions.


Blog Benefit From Google And Other Search Engines

You will be able to drive new and return traffic to your business from search.

Thousands of People are using Google and Other Search Engines to get more details about Income Opportunities and Your Business Opportunity ( this is what most people that sees business adverts are doing. They first go to Google to get more details,read reviews about it ), Are you one of the Options the Search Engines are showing to them ?

You can see that close to 8 ( Eight ) Billion searches are occurring everyday. Millions out of these searches are on Business or Money Making Opportunities and hundreds if not thousands relates to Your Business. Other members of your business are advertising it and most of those that sees the adverts are going to Google and other search engines to get more details, reviews on it.

Do You have a presence ( Page ) online The Search Engine can refer Searchers to ?

The majority of search users (between 70-80%) actually ignore paid ads and only focus on organic results. By optimizing your blog post, you increase SEO to having your blog content ( business post ) be found on Google and other search engines.

    As mentioned, consumers look to search first when seeking new information. Your blog is a great way to drive traffic to your business and increase brand visibility.


A Marketer should have his or her own Personal Blog. It helps their advertising. It is possible to make money online without a blog but you will earn faster and a lot more money if you have one.


50,000 ( Fifty Thousand ) Visitors

We Will Make Sure You Start Getting The : 

Sign Ups





You need for Your Business Fast 


Driving / Attracting

50,000 ( Fifty Thousand ) People / Visitors

To Your Business Post

On The Blog

We Will Set Up For You.

These are real human visitors and they will be attracted to the blog Business Post From : 

i. Social Media Sites Like 


  Some of them will be attracted from Facebook Business Groups. Your Flyers will be posted everyday on Ten of the Groups for Seven Days.










And Many More.

ii. Solo / Safelist / Mailer Sites

Solo Ad Marketing Strategy is one of the most efficient way to promote your opportunity because you will be delivering your offer to Active Member’s Primary Contact Email Address directly and All Subscribers ( Solo Ads Platform Members ) have specifically signed up to receive advertisements related to Income or Money Making Opportunities, products and services and are validated in a double opt-in ( Registration and Email Confirmation or Activation ) method.

We will definitely help you get a lot of Sign Ups / Downlines fast from these kind of Advertising Platforms because we will be advertising to people who are already waiting to receive alerts or notification on more Income or Business Opportunities.

We will help you advertise your business on Twenty ( 20 ) of the Top Ones with Thousands of Members everyday until we have given you the 50,000 ( Fifty Thousand ) visitors.

iii. 100 Classified Ad Sites

      We will attract visitors from over One Hundred ( 100 ) Classified Ads Sites to the blog. We will post your business on Ten of them everyday until we have posted on all One Hundred.

You will continue to get visitors from them even after we have given you the 50,000 Visitors. We will send to you the link to your business posts on them everyday for confirmation.

Here Are The One Hundred ( 100 ) Classified Ads Sites :

                          1. Wallclassifieds.com

                          2. Giganticlist.com

                          3. FinderMaster.com

                          4. FreeAdsTime.org

                          5. ClassifiedsFactor.com

                          6. eBayclassifieds

                          7. H1ad.com

                          8. Oodle.com

                          9. Sell.com

                          10. Classifiedads

                          11. Click.in

                          12. Indialist

                          13. Locanto

                          14. IndoClassified.com

                          15. Classifiedslive

                          16. Rediff Classifieds

                          17. Bechna

                          18. Khojle

                          19. Adpost

                          20. Ddoos

                          21. Vivastreet

                          22. Webindia

                          23. Inetgiant.com

                          24. Vast.com

                          25. Yakaz.com

                          26. Pennysaverusa.com

                          27. Daype.com

                          28. Ziply.com

                          29. Adeex

                          30. Whereincity

                          31. Ivarta classifieds

                          32. Digitalbhoomi

                          33. Ocala4sale.com

                          34. Bonqo.com

                          35. Traderonline.com

                          36. Claz.org

                          37. Goforads

                          38. Meramaal

                          39. Indnav

                          40. Classifiedsden

                          41. Zopdy

                          42. Adlandpro.com

                          43. Thisismyindia

                          44. Sulekha

                          45. Ibibo

                          46. Indiagrid

                          47. Salespider

                          48. Sify classifieds

                          49. Domesticsale.com

                          50. Adsmantra

                          51. ePage.com

                          52. Freeadscity.com

                          53. Recycler.com

                          54. Chooseyouritem

                          55. Webcosmo.com

                          56. Rajb2b

                          57. Hoobly.com

                          58. Indyapulse

                          59. Freeadlists.com

                          60. Bupio

                          61. Bestwayclassifieds

                          62. Wantedwants.com

                          63. Webclassifieds.us

                          64. Dragg

                          65. Classifieds4me

                          66. E-classifieds.net

                          67. Boostim

                          68. Buysellcommunity.com

                          69. Classifieds.co.uk

                          70. Businesslist

                          71. Askht

                          72. Google.com/base

                          73. Classifieds.yahoo.com

                          74. Kaboo.com

                          75. Bizmartindia

                          76. Bharatpatal

                          77. Postyouradforfree.com

                          78. Highlandclassifieds

                          79. Loyalmart

                          80. Mid-day

                          81. Bestadforum.com

                          82. Kijiji.com

                          83. Citynews.com

                          84. Livedeal.com

                          85. Selloutads.com

                          86. Ozfreeonline.com

                          87. Worldslist.com

                          88. Kugli

                          89. Subblurbs.com

                          90. Droik

                          91. Kaboo.org

                          92. Isell.com

                          93. Iclads.com

                          94. Itsmymarket.com

                          95. Postaroo.com

                          96. Marketplace.sfgate.com

                          97. London.kijiji.ca

                          98. Freeads.biztop.com

                          99. Freeadvertisingzone

                          100. Economist.com/classifieds.

iV. Hundreds Of Blogs Online

        We will attract visitors of other blogs especially blogs that relates to Business or Money Making Opportunities.

We will post comments on them that relates to Your Business and direct interested people to your blog for more information and registration procedures.

V. Business And Money Making Discussion Forums

Forums ( especially Business or Money Making Discussion Forums ) are still one of the best places to attract people to one’s businesses.

We will create ( start ) a Thread / Topic about your business and get members to discuss it. We will convince them ( through our posts / replies ) using your business benefits to join you.

They will be directed to Your Blog for full details, registration procedures and updates. You will also continue to receive visitors from the Forums after we have given you 50,000 Visitors.

Some Of The Forums Are :


                               Jackobian Forum

                               eMoneySpace Forum

                               WebMasterSun Forum

                               Affiliatefix Forum

                               TheBot Forum

                               DreamTeamMoney Forum

                               MarketingCheckPoint Forum.


This is how we will help you improve your business fast.

You really need to have a page online where people can easily locate you. You need the Page and be able to help Google and other Search Engines to help you for free.

You are missing a lot of visitors / leads if you are without a page online. The more you wait, the more other people are getting the leads / visitors that should be yours from Google and other Search Engines For Free.

It is not immediately we set up the blog Google and other Search Engines will start giving you visitors, this is why we are giving you 50,000 Visitors from Our side.

        By the time we are done with the 50,000 Visitors, the search engines would have started giving you their own visitors for free.

The visitors we will give you are those that needs blog like yours ( Income Opportunity Blog ) and will always come back to check the posts on it.

Request For This Service Today And Let’s Start Getting You Thousands of Visitors / Leads / Downlines That Will Improve Your Business Really Fast.

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